Filter Cameras
Basler ToF640-20gm_850nm
CABR860 Basler ToF640-20gm_850nm
Time-of-Flight Camera
$ 2340
Pulsed Time-of-Flight
Delivers 2D and 3D images
GigE Vision and GenICam 3D compliant

Basler blaze-101
CABR861 Basler blaze-101
Time-of-Flight Camera
$ 1650
Real-time streaming of pre-processed 3D point clouds and 2D intensity images
Daylight capability and IP67 rated
GigE Vision and GenICam 3D compliant

SVS-Vistek exo250ZU3
CASK190 SVS-Vistek exo250ZU3
2448 x 2048 IMX250MZR USB3 Polarized Camera
$ 2550
2448 x 2048 camera captures polarized light
Detects 0, 45, 135 and 90 degree polarization in a single shot
3 inputs, 4 outputs, plus RS232
Integrated light control

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