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Basler blaze-101

Time-of-Flight Camera

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Real-time streaming of pre-processed 3D point clouds and 2D intensity images
Daylight capability and IP67 rated
GigE Vision and GenICam 3D compliant
PTP support for multi-camera coordination
HDR mode

The Basler blaze industrial 3D camera operates on the pulsed Time-of-Flight principle. Its laser diodes (VCSEL) work in the NIR range (940 nm), generating 2D and 3D data in one shot with a multipart image, incorporating range, intensity and confidence maps.

This time-of-flight camera uses pulsed light from infrared laser diodes to illuminate a target. These light pulses are reflected by the target and registered by the sensor. The sensor then converts the electrical charge created by the light energy in the sensor’s pixels into distance information.

The camera can generate a calibrated range image in Mono16, RGB8, or Coord3D_ABC32f format. Use the camera's intensity image (Mono16) to check the exposure time. And use the camera's confidence map (Mono16) to verify data integrity. Automatic exposure control is available.

High Dynamic Range ("HDR") mode enables better results in high-contrast scenes. Two images, captured using different exposures, are combined to make a composite image containing data from both bright and dark image regions.

A special version of Pylon software enables configuring the camera and viewing images. The images can be saved in TIFF, Bitmap, JPEG and PNG formats. The 3-D point cloud is saved as a PLY polygon file. A separate window can display the point cloud.

Suggested applications include shape and volume measurement, carton stacking, object location, and autonomous vehicle crash avoidance.



Power Requirement: 24 VDC ±10%; < 22 W mean; < 55 W peak


Lens Mount: Fixed Lens
Weight: 690 g
Dimensions: 100 x 81 x 64 mm


Field of View: 67° x 51°
Working Range: 0 - 10 meters
Illumination: 940 nm


Operating Temperature: 0 - 50°C
Ingress Protection: IP67


Sensor Resolution: 640 (h) x 480 (v) pixels
Sensor Size: 8.00 mm (1/2")
Sensor Model: Sony DepthSense™ IMX556PLR
Chroma: Monochrome
Frame Rate (full resolution): 30.0 frames/second
Data Interface: Ethernet Data
Data Rate: Gigabit Ethernet
Accuracy: +/- 5 mm at 0.5 - 5.5 m
Temporal Noise: < 2 mm at up to 1.5 m distance
Latency: < 150 ms
Trigger: Free run, software trigger; PTP IEEE1588 sync
Illumination: Max. irradiance 12.8 W/m² @ 920–970 nm


Data Connector: IEC 61076-2-109; M12; 8-pin; x-coded; female
Power Connector: IEC 61076-2-101; M12 8-pin; female


Conformance CE, RoHS, GenICam, GigE Vision, GenTL, IP67, FCC, IEC 60825-1:2014 Laser Class 1

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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