Finest Detail from Large Images

May 19, 2021

Finest Detail from Large Images

A Perfect Match for Capturing the Finest Detail

Do you need to see the critical details in a large area?

  • See the smallest product contaminants and scratches
  • Read tiny 2D codes anywhere in a large field
  • Precisely measure large objects
  • Capture an object's every detail for later recall

The SVS-Vistek hr455MCX captures 61 MP images at up to 17.9 frames per second. Its CoaXPress interface minimizes latency, jitter, and CPU load for a smooth visual experience. Combine it with a Zeiss Interlock Compact lens to reveal this camera's true capability.

Machine Vision Store offers this high-performance imaging system as either component parts or an integrated solution. The full solution also includes a Matrox Rapixo RAP4G4C6 frame grabber, Simplimax® imaging software, lens mount, cables, computer and optional lighting. A color camera and hardware-based debayering is also available. Multiple cameras can be combined in one system.

Reveal fine detail in large images

As an example, an area 72.4 x 48.2 cm was imaged with a resolution of 75.6 ╬╝m per pixel. Click here for the full-resolution image.

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