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Pylon Software

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High bandwidth image transfer at very low CPU load
Unified API for GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, CoaXPress, Camera Link and BCON LVDS cameras
Windows, Linux x86, Linux ARM, macOS and Android
C, C++, C#,, and Python development

The Pylon Camera Software Suite includes Pylon Viewer (for configuring cameras, viewing and saving images, and recording live video), USB Configurator (for optimizing and troubleshooting USB cameras), IP Configurator (for optimizing and troubleshooting GigE cameras), and a complete SDK for software developers. This unified suite supports nearly all Basler cameras including the ace, ace2, aviator, beat, dart, pilot, pulse, scout, runner, racer and boost. Pylon can be used to configure Basler Camera Link cameras, but does not support image acquisition over this interface.

Basler cameras are built on today’s interface standards: GenICam, GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, Camera Link, CoaXPress 2.0, and BCON for LVDS. The cameras are therefore compatible with most third-party hardware and software components running on all popular platforms. Pylon also includes adapters for interfacing with software that supports GenICam GenTL, DirectShow and TWAIN. And there is an open-source project for a Robot Operating System interface.

Using third-party software for camera communication is often expedient, especially when custom image processing is required. However, there are a couple reasons you may consider using Pylon. First, Pylon Viewer is a quick way to configure and test a camera. Second, Pylon offers complete access to all camera settings. And third, most other software has a license fee, while Pylon is free. Many volume customers therefore choose to use the Basler Pylon API to communicate with Basler cameras.

We love Pylon, and think it is the best tool of its type available today. But keep in mind it is intended for use by engineers, developers and technicians. Because Pylon Viewer provides full access to all camera parameters, it can be overwhelming for the casual user. Simpler solutions for image display and archival include Basler Recorder (USB cameras only) and Simplimax.

Links for downloading recent versions are on the Resources tab below. Android, Linux, OSX, and older versions can be downloaded from


Operating Systems: Windows, Linux x86, Linux ARM, macOS
Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, VB.Net (and Python via open source project)
Supported Cameras: Basler ace, ace 2, aviator, beat, boost, dart, MED ace, pilot, scout, runner, racer

Links for downloading recent versions are on the Resources tab below. Android, Linux, macOS, and older versions can be downloaded from