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Basler 2200001168

Basler Pylon vTools

Graphical configuration of image processing tasks
Flexible integration with your own apps

Basler Pylon vTools let you easily configure image processing tasks. Graphically connect together processing steps to build a complete solution.

We recommend testing the tools using the free 80 day license prior to purchase. Get started by downloading Basler pylon from the Resources section below.

Configure this item to add one USB dongle to your cart, and then add each license needed.

See the Technology section below for further information.



Dongle Dimensions: 12 mm x 16.6 mm x 4.5 mm


Dongle Operating Temperature: 25 - 85°C


Workbench Trial Period: 80 days from first use
API Trail Period: 180 days (Ask us for a free evaluation license.)
Runtime Licenses: Purchase of USB dongle required
Support for multiple cameras: One license is valid for one pylon installation, regardless of the number of connected cameras
Operating System Support: Windows: 10 and 11 (64-bit); Linux x86: Ubuntu 18.04 or newer (64-bit); Linux ARM: Ubuntu 16.04 or newer


Conformance RoHS, CE, WEEE

Choose a license (all licenses share a USB dongle)

USB USB Dongle $ 53.00
CBAB Color Blob Analysis Basic $ 87.00
BAB Blob Analysis Basic $ 87.00
GPMB Geometric Pattern Matching Basic $ 348.00
GPMP Geometric Pattern Matching Pro $ 795.00
MB Measurements Basic $ 125.00
CRB Calibration and Rectification Basic $ 125.00
BRB Barcode Reader Basic $ 101.00
BRP Barcode Reader Pro $ 592.00
DRB Data Matrix Code Reader Basic $ 71.00
DRP Data Matrix Code Reader Pro $ 595.00
QRRB QR Code Reader Basic $ 66.00
QRRP QR Code Reader Pro $ 592.00
TMB Template Matching Basic $ 125.00

Not available for purchase outside of North America.

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