Image shows a Sony IMX991


Sony IMX991

0.3 MP VIS/NIR/SWIR sensor

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Sensitivity to broad spectrum: 400 to 1700 nm
656 x 520 resolution with 5 μm pixels
4.1 mm diagonal

As manufacturers in various industries continue to seek higher productivity, there is growing interest in sensing both in the visible spectrum and beyond it, at shortwave infrared ("SWIR") wavelengths.

In the Sony IMX991, SenSWIR technology has enabled overcoming challenges in pixel miniaturization to offer sensors that are compact, high-resolution, and capable of imaging from the visible spectrum to SWIR wavelengths. IMX991 has a global shutter with a digital output allowing for many features and functionality in industrial camera applications such as ROI and Trigger Mode.

The advances in performance and functionality introduced by the IMX991 pave the way for the development of SWIR industrial cameras and inspection equipment for a diverse range of applications such as inspection, identification, and measurement.


Sensor Resolution: 656 (h) x 520 (v) pixels
Pixel Size: 5.00 µm
Sensor Size: 4.19 mm
Sensor Active Area: 3.2800 (h) x 2.6000 (v) mm
Technology: CMOS Monochrome Progressive Scan

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