Image shows a SVS-Vistek exo304CGETR "Tracer"

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4096 x 3000 IMX304 Color GigE MFT Camera

SVS-Vistek exo304CGETR "Tracer"

$ 3,960.00 each

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Use with MFT lenses
12 MP Sony Pregius sensor at up to 9 full frames per second
Fast lens control of zoom, aperture and focus via Ethernet interface

The exo "Tracer" blends a Sony Pregius IMX304 sensor with the Micro-Four-Thirds lens standard. The result is a flexible imaging solution that delivers excellent image quality. The user has full control of lens zoom, focus and aperture through GenICam parameters, making for a seamless solution easily integrated with existing software.

The MFT lens system was pioneered by increasing demands in digital still photography. This standard, based on a bayonet mount, is widely used for compact cameras and is 100% optimized for digital image capture. There is a wide selection of suitable lenses, making new and previously unthinkable solutions reality.

In addition, the "Tracer" features:

> Micro-Four-Thirds lens adapter

> Fast user control of zoom, aperture and focus

> Lens settings controlled by GigE Vision Ethernet interface

> GigE Vision and GenIcam compatible

> Free SDK for Windows (32/64bit) and Linux


Sensor Resolution: 4096 (h) x 3000 (v) pixels
Sensor Size: 17.52 mm (1.1")
Sensor Model: Sony IMX304LQR
Shutter Type: Global
Frame Rate (full resolution): 9 frames/second
Lens Mount: Micro 4/3
Data Interface: Ethernet Gig-E Vision

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