Image shows a SVS-Vistek kab-HR12S-4SMP03-M


SVS-Vistek kab-HR12S-4SMP03-M

12-pin Hirose, 4xSMP03 and M8 cable, 1.5 meter

Price: $142.00 each

Not available for purchase outside of North America.

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Connects SVS-Vistek camera to four 24V LED lights
Provides M8 connector for terminating one input and power

This cable is used to connect an SVS-Vistek camera to Leimac, CCS or Basler 24 volt LED lights. Four SMP03 connectors are provided. An M8 connector enables connection of power and one input signal.

Camera and lights shown above are sold separately.


Length: 1.5 m


Camera Connector: HR10A-10P-12S 12-pin female
Light Connector: SMP-03V-BC, qty 4
Input/Power Connector: M8 3-pin (SCA-3P-M 8MS)