Image shows a Leimac IMAR-140DR-WP


Leimac IMAR-140DR-WP

Ring Light, IP67, 140 mm, Red

140 mm red LED ring light
IP67 washdown design
High-intensity, uniform illumination
12 and 24 VDC models

This IMAR-140DR-WP red LED ring light has a 140 mm outer diameter, ideal for imaging small items like food cups, can tops, small cookies, and snacks.

The Leimac IMAR-WP light is an IP67 version of this popular series of LED ring lights. It has been carefully designed for washdown environments, or anywhere that dust and moisture may be a problem for other lights.

This multi-purpose light will accentuate different object features based on the working distance. Simply move the light closer or further from the object until you achieve optimal contrast. This LED light avoids the "donut effect" common to many ring lights. A portion of the light is aimed toward the optical axis, assuring good illumination intensity at image center. Furthermore, the integrated diffuser helps create more even illumination.

The IMAR-WP ring lights are available in two sizes and two voltages with either white, blue or red LEDs. Please see the Accessories section below for recommended light controllers.

(Note that the product image above may show a different size of light. Please refer to the drawing for dimensions.)



Drive Type: Voltage Control
Power: 18 W


Window: Standard Diffuser
Window Size: 140 x 85 mm (5.5" x 3.3")
Ingress Protection: IP67


Operating Temperature: 0 to 40°C
Operating Humidity: 35 - 85%, non-condensing


Type: Ring
Wavelength: 630 nm typical (Red)


Cable Length: 1.0 m (3.3 ft)
Cable Connector: SMR-02V-B (12V) or SMR-03V-B (24V)


Conformance RoHS, China RoHS, CE IEC62471, IP67 (JIS C 0920)

Choose a Voltage

12V 12 VDC (required for overdrive)
24V 24 VDC

Not available for purchase outside of US & Canada.

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Leimac, Ltd. warranties lights against failure for 2 years from date of factory shipment, and against a 50% or greater decrease from the specified intensity for 1 year from date of factory shipment. Warranty shall not apply if failure is due to connecting the light to equipment or a power supply made by a third-party, or other factors not attributable to Leimac. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. For further information, please refer to the manufacturer's website.

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