Enter a couple words or phrases. You will be shown products that contain all the words and phrases entered. Product names are searched, as well as product descriptions. When searching for 'cable', any cameras that include that word in their description will be displayed.

Use quotation marks around phrases.

To exclude a word or phrase, insert a space and a minus sign immediately before the word or phrase.

Use an underscore to represent any one character, or an asterisk to represent any number of characters.

Specify characters within square brackets to represent any character in a set or range of characters. For example, both [a-f] and [abcdef] will match any character between "a" and "f", including "a" and "f".


  • To find monochrome cameras that do not have a CCD: monochrome camera -ccd
  • To find cameras having a resolution of 600 to 699 by 480 or 490 pixels: camera "6__ x 4[8-9]0"
  • To find LED lights that are not white: Led light -white
  • To find products having a part number containing 2500-60um: 2500-60um
  • To find products containing 2500 but not 60um: 2500 -60um
  • To find products having a phrase with the word 'better' before the word 'performance', possibly with other content in between: "better *performance"


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