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1/1.2" 16 mm 5 MegaPixel Lens

Fujinon HF16XA-5M

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Available Worldwide.

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For camera pixels 3.45 microns or larger
Great match for Sony Pregius 2, 3 and 5 MP sensors
Precision focusing threads

Designed for cameras having pixels as small as 3.45 µm, the HF16XA-5M quality C-mount lens performs well when combined with modern image sensors. This lens has a 13.4 mm image circle, although performance is reduced outside the typical 11 mm (2/3") circle. We recommend it for 2/3" and smaller sensors having 3.45 µm pixels, as well as for sensors up to 13.4 mm (1/1.2") in size having 4.5 µm or larger pixels. Examples include the Python 1300, Python 2000, IMX249 and IMX174 image sensors.

Fujinon's precision focusing mechanism has roughly 310 degrees of rotation, making for easier focus adjustment than many otherwise competitive lenses. Thumb-screws lock down both focus and aperture. The clever design lets you choose three possible locations for the thumb-screws, ensuring they stay out of the way while remaining accessible. The lens has a relatively short Minimum Object Distance, enabling design of more compact imaging systems.


Lens Type: General
Focal Length: 15.87 mm
Distortion: < -0.60 %
Resolution: 3.45 µm, 145 lp/mm
Extended Resolution: 4.50 µm, 110 lp/mm
Minimum Working Distance: 100 mm
F#: 1.6 - 16.0
Lens Mount: C-Mount
Image Circle: 11.00 mm (2/3") / 13.40 mm (1/1.2") extended
Length: 49.1 mm
Filter Thread: M25.5 x .5


Weight 71 g


Operation Temperature -10 to 50 deg. C

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FRMS110 Blue Bandpass Filter, 25.5 mm Thread
FRMS115 Dark Red Bandpass Filter, 25.5 mm Thread
FRMS601 Blue Attenuation Filter, 25.5 mm Thread
FRMS118 NIR Bandpass Filter, 25.5 mm Thread
FRMS310 Dichroic NIR Blocking Filter, 25.5 mm Thread
FRMS820 Clear Lens Cover, 25.5 mm Thread
FRMS111 Blue-Green Bandpass Filter, 25.5 mm Thread
FRMS900 Thread Adapter 25.5 x 27
FRMS114 Light Red Bandpass Filter, 25.5 mm Thread
FRMS801 Rotating Linear Polarizer, 25.5 mm Thread

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