Easier OCR with AI

February 1, 2023

Easier OCR with AI

New Technology

  • Reduce engineering costs
  • Expedite installation
  • Gain more reliable performance

Does setting up an Optical Character Recognition ("OCR") vision system, without having to train and re-train the font, sound too good to be true? No longer.

Zebra OCR with Deep-Learning AI

The Zebra VS40 and Zebra VS70 smart cameras are now available with Deep Learning OCR, called “DL-OCR”. This is a pre-trained deep neural network that delivers high accuracy right out of the box. Use Zebra Aurora software to set the search area and the approximate character height. The camera will reliably read alpha-numeric characters and many punctuation marks.

The Old Approach

Until now, installing industrial OCR systems was labor intensive. First, a large number of images had to be captured during production. Next, traditional OCR tools had to be trained on the font in those images. After the initial deployment, it was often necessary to retrain the font in order to read the normal variations encountered during operation. This could end up being an iterative process that frustrated engineers and production workers alike.

Available Now

The Zebra DL-OCR technology is currently available in the Zebra VS smart cameras. It will also be available in the next release of Matrox Design Assistant, as well as future releases of the Matrox Imaging Library and our own Simplimax® machine vision software.

Ask us for a demonstration today! You’re welcome to bring or send us sample parts for testing.

OCR for subtle characters etched on a paper pouch

Zebra Smart Camera Models

Zebra VS40-SR20 smart camera

Zebra VS40-SR20

Smart Camera, 2.3 MP Mono, Standard Range
Zebra VS40-WA20 smart camera

Zebra VS40-WA20

Smart Camera, 2.3 MP Mono, Wide Angle
Zebra VS40-WA50 smart camera

Zebra VS40-WA50

Smart Camera, 5.1 MP Mono, Wide Angle
Zebra VS70-CM20 smart camera

Zebra VS70-CM20

Smart Camera, 2.3 MP Mono, C-mount
Zebra VS70-CM50 smart camera

Zebra VS70-CM50

Smart Camera, 5.1 MP Mono, C-mount

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