New Camera for Manual Tasks

August 16, 2017

New Camera for Manual Tasks

Many manufacturers have manual assembly and inspection stations. These stations can require technicians to view components through a magnifying lens or microscope, resulting in troublesome eye strain. Furthermore, there is no visual documentation of the final result.

Machine Vision Store is introducing a new, easy-to-use camera full of useful features. Create an imaging workstation by connecting it to an existing microscope, or mounting one of our many compatible lenses. The camera can draw a cross-hair and up to 8 colorful lines over the image to guide users in assembly and inspection tasks. Users can zoom and pan the image to view fine detail. And images can be saved to the SD card to document the result. It can even create and replay short movies.

Please see the CAVG100 for all the details.

Tags: HDMI Camera, Inspection Camera

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