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1080p60 HDMI Color Inspection Camera

Price: $749.00 each

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Direct connection to a HDMI monitor
Save images and movies to SD card
Graphic overlay easily configurable with mouse
Full HD resolution at 60 frames/second
10x digital zoom
Side-by-side image viewing
Replay images and movies

This HDMI color camera is ideal for imaging and documenting small components and assemblies. Save still images and record short movies. The camera provides a great image with useful features. And best of all, it is easy to use.


The camera connects directly to a HDMI monitor, so you can choose the monitor size (total magnification) appropriate for the task. You do not need a computer to display images. This camera also has an SD card slot. Insert the SD card (included) and you can easily save images and movies. Now you can record the action, and then use the camera to replay it directly to your monitor. Use this capability to train others or document a process.


This HDMI camera includes a fully adjustable 10x digital zoom. Need more image detail? Use the wireless mouse (included) to zoom and pan the image. You can use half the screen to show a saved image of your choice, while the other half shows live video. This makes it easy to visually compare the live image against a “golden” part, or a group of flaw types.


Use the wireless mouse to configure the graphic overlay. No computer or teach pendant is needed. Up to four horizontal lines, four vertical lines, and one cross-hair can be drawn over the image. Position each line as needed. You can choose the color and thickness of each feature.


This camera has built-in functions to enhance image quality. Using the wireless mouse, you can adjust noise reduction, contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpness, and anti-flicker. Exposure and white balance can be adjusted manually, or set to automatic. HDR mode delivers better images if the scene has both very bright and very dark areas. Mirroring images vertically and/or horizontally can compensate for the camera’s physical orientation.


Our kit includes the HDMI color camera, HDMI cable for connection to your monitor, a power supply, and a wireless mouse. The wireless mouse is used to interact with the on-screen display. (Sorry -- no longer includes a flash memory card.)


The camera is compatible with microscopes having a 1/3” format C-mount camera port. Or, choose from our wide selection of lenses. There are links to our lens calculators on the Resources tab. Contact our experts for a recommendation specific to your project.

Note: Camera color may be different than shown in the image above.


Dimensions: 83.5 x 74.0 x 46.0 mm
Mass: ~ 270 g
Lens Mount: C-Mount


SD Card: 32 GB maximum, 4 GB card included
Digital Zoom: 1x to 10x
HDR Mode: Yes
Denoise: Yes (adjustable)
Anti-flicker: Yes (50 or 60 Hz)
Sharpen: Yes (adjustable)
Adjustments: Contrast, brightness, saturation
File Formats: JPG, AVI
Recording Rate: 25 FPS
Overlay Type: 8 lines plus cross-hair, fully configurable
Overlay Storage: Stores 8 independent overlay configurations
Sensor Resolution: 1,920 (h) x 1,080 (v) pixels
Sensor Size: 6.13 mm
Sensor Model: Panasonic
Chroma: Color Bayer
Frame Rate (full resolution): 60.0 frames/second
Data Interface: HDMI

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