February 12, 2021

AI Deep Learning Update

Deep Learning webinar

Deep Learning Webinar

Join us for a free webinar featuring Matrox Imaging’s classification module. This webinar will show an end-to-end coarse segmentation deep learning project using the MIL Co-Pilot training environment. General rules to help optimize the efficacy of the trained neural network will also be discussed.

The webinar is available at either:

  • Tuesday February 16, 2021 at 10:00am EST
  • Tuesday February 16, 2021 at 2:00pm EST

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Deep Learning whitepaper

Deep Learning Whitepaper

Artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning by way of deep learning, is driving suceess for projects that were previously challenging or impracticable.

This whitepaper details how and where machine vision benefits from deep learning technology, and how to get the best out of deep learning for machine vision.

Download the white paper today.

Matrox 4Sight XV6

GPU Training Platform

Deep learning isn't just about software. Training is best done on a capable computer with a modern GPU. The Matrox 4Sight XV6 is an expandable industrial vision computer capable of hosting a GPU for optimizing your own CNN.

Learn about the Matrox 4Sight XV6 Expandable Industrial Vision Computer

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