Now Distributing Photoneo

May 4, 2020

Now Distributing Photoneo

Machine Vision Store is now a factory-authorized distributor of Photoneo 3D scanners. We are pleased to offer the PhoXi 3D scanners, MotionCam 3D camera, and related software including PhoXi Control, Locate SDK, and Bin Picking Studio. These items are a great complement to our growing list of 3D imaging products.

It is our goal to offer the best 3D technology for each type of installation, and Photoneo is a big part of the equation.

Photoneo Phoxi 3D Scanner

No Motion Required

Unlike laser profiling cameras, the structured light projected by PhoXi 3D scanners does not require motion. It is especially cost-effective when imaging static objects. No conveyor or linear table is required for capturing a surface’s 3D data.

Photoneo Phoxi 3D Scanner models

Five Models for Different Volumes

Five different models of the PhoXi 3D scanner are available. Choose a PhoXi model based on the dimensions of the object to be scanned.

Photoneo Bin Picking Studio

Powerful Pick & Place Solutions

Photoneo products excel at guiding robotic pick and place operations. Their power becomes especially evident when:

  • Picking randomly-oriented parts from a large bin
  • Depalletizing mixed carton sizes
  • Picking irregularly shaped objects
  • Locating objects from imported CAD models
Learn about Bin Picking Studio.
Matrox Imaging integration with Photoneo

Integrates with Matrox Software

Matrox has developed a software interface for the PhoXi scanner. This enables simplified development of complete 3D inspection solutions using Matrox Design Assistant. Or, dive deeper using the Matrox Imaging Library SDK.

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