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Machine Vision Store has a laser-sharp focus on machine vision imaging. We deliver a select group of components from leading manufacturers known for quality. Components we understand, support and stand behind. Components that will power your success.

Founded in 2006, Machine Vision Store is different. By aggressively curating our catalog, we enable superior product support, faster deliveries, and lower prices. And this builds stronger customer and supplier relationships.

Machine Vision Store brings unrivaled transparency to the industry. We publish prices and availability so you can more efficiently make design and purchase decisions. We share complete specifications and honest application advice.

Our experienced, AIA Certified Vision Professionals are ready to help you build the optimal imaging system. Please call us at 651-400-7015 to discuss your project requirements.

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Machine Vision Store
1385 Mendota Heights Road
Suite 400
St. Paul, MN 55120

phone: 651-400-7015
fax: 888-792-5288

APG camera enclosures
Base Lab Tools optical breadboards
Basler industrial cameras
Fujinon lenses
Jai cameras
Kowa lenses
Leimac machine vision lights
Matrox Imaging
MidOpt Midwest Optical Filters
Neousys Technology industrial computers
Opto Engineering telecentric lenses
Photoneo 3D cameras
Schneider Optics lenses
Spectrum Illumination lights
SVS Vistek cameras
Zeiss lenses

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