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Basler Ace Enclosure

Designed specifically for Basler Ace GigE and USB cameras
IP65 / NEMA4 design
Lightweight design appropriate for robotics
Acrylic or glass window

This enclosure was designed specifically for the Basler ace family of GigE and USB cameras. It is small and light enough to be mounted on a robot, yet rugged enough to protect a camera from industrial environments. When correctly installed it meets IP65 / NEMA4 requirements.

The internal camera bracket can be mounted at 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees for complete control over image orientation. Your camera can slide one-half inch along the optical axis to accommodate various lens lengths. With the camera mounted in the far rear position, there is room for lenses up to 40 mm long. (Measured from the front to the rear of the lens body, excluding mounting threads.) Allow extra space for a filter or extension ring as appropriate. Ask us about a longer barrel if you’re using a longer lens, or to accommodate the larger connectors at the rear of ace CameraLink models.

This camera enclosure is constructed of 6061 aluminum with a clear hardcoat anodized finish. Fasteners are 18-8 stainless steel. Screws to mount your ace camera are included. Also included is a cord grip. To enable a tight seal, the cord grip is shipped without a hole for cable entry. You will need to mill or drill a hole of the same diameter as your cable.

Our standard view port has an acrylic window. Harder to break than glass, it offers excellent transmission across the visible and infrared spectrum. Or, for maximum optical performance, ask us about our glass window.

An air purge kit is included. If you choose to install it, a curtain of air will flow across the view port helping to keep it free of dust and oil mist. If installed, you will of course need to provide a source of filtered clean dry air.

With the optional EEAG804 mounting bracket (sold separately) this enclosure is compatible with our camera, light and sensor mounting system. It is shown in the image above with optional CABR109 camera, lens, EEAG804 mounting bracket, two BTIS100 mounting clamps, and assorted hardware.

Please see the Accessories tab for other options, including heater, thermostat, electric fan, and sun shield.


Material: 6061 Aluminum
Barrel Inside Diameter: 2.25″ (57 mm)
Overall Length: 8.92", 9.55", 11.02", or 12.02" (including cord grip)
Minimum Lens Focal Length: Successfully tested with 1.67 mm lens having face near-touching window interior; Shorter focal lengths result in extreme occlusion.
Maximum Lens Length: 54 mm, 69 mm, 107 mm, or 132 mm long, depending on barrel length, as measured from the lens face to the rear of the lens body, excluding mounting threads.

You may need to allow extra space for a filter or extension ring.

Choose Window Material

A Acrylic Window
G Glass Window

Choose Barrel Length

64 6.4 inch Barrel $ 515.00
70 7.0 inch Barrel $ 547.00 *
85 8.5 inch Barrel $ 690.00 *
95 9.5 inch Barrel *

Choose Thread Lubrication

FL Threads Lubricated to Prevent Galling
NL Non-Lubricated Threads (may be subject to galling)

* Item is non-cancellable, non-returnable.

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