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Cord Grip Drill Charge, Two Hole

Not available for purchase outside of United States.
Please contact us for a quote.
Cord grip will be precisely drilled for two cables
You specify the OD of each cable, or which of our cables you're using

The cord grip included with our camera enclosures is normally shipped without a hole for your camera cables. The grips cannot be predrilled because the hole size must match the outside diameter of your cords. We suggest using an end mill, but careful use of a drill press can work in a pinch.

But why not make your job easier and expedite installation? We suggest letting us predrill two cable entry holes for you. Just specify the diameter of the cables you’re using, or purchase it with two of our cables. Installation will go easier, and you’re assured of a tight of seal.

Please specify the OD of the cables you're using, or which two of our cables you're using.