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14,192 x 10,640 CMOS Monochrome Sensor

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151 MP
Back-illuminated design

This 151 MP back-illuminated image sensor from Sony has 3.76 µm pixels for a 66.7 mm diagonal.


Sensor Resolution: 14192 (h) x 10640 (v) pixels
Pixel Size: 3.76 µm
Sensor Size: 66.69 mm
Sensor Active Area: 53.3619 (h) x 40.0064 (v) mm
Technology: CMOS Monochrome Progressive Scan

Cameras that include this sensor:

CASK1502 14,192 x 10,640 Monochrome 10GigE Camera
CASK1300 14,192 x 10,640 Mono CXP-6 Camera