Image shows a Basler 2000034088


Basler 2000034088

6-pin Hirose Y Cable Dual Leadwires 10 Meter

Price: $118.00 each

Not available for purchase outside of North America.

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6-pin "Y" cable enables simultaneous use of opto-coupled I/Os and GPIOs
Compatible with Basler ace cameras having GPIOs
Dual 10 meter cable can be cut to length as needed

This "Y" cable enables simultaneous connection to opto-coupled I/Os and GPIOs, as found on newer ace cameras. The dual 10 meter cables can be cut to length as needed.

Unless you need to access both the super-fast general purpose I/O and more noise immune opto-coupled I/O, we suggest using one of our other 6-pin cables instead.

Please see the datasheet in the Resources section for conductor pin-out information.


Length: 10.0 m