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Basler ToF Software

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SDK and configuration software for Basler ToF camera
Adjust parameters and view images
Windows and x86 Linux versions

The Basler Time-of-Flight camera requires the Basler ToF software. Both Windows and x86-based Linux systems are supported.

The ToF software package includes the GigE Vision drivers and Basler pylon Viewer, which can be used to configure the ToF camera and adjust the settings to your specific needs. The Basler ToF software is based on the GenICam standard and allows access to the camera via the standardized interface GenTL. A comprehensive collection of C++ and C# sample code demonstrates how to integrate the camera into your application. Please find more information on the ToF software and the respective versions in the release notes.

The viewer application lets users adjust camera parameters. It can display four images simultaneously. The 3D image uses pseudo-color to indicate the distance to surfaces. A monochrome 2D image is displayed. The 3D data is shown as a point cloud that can be zoomed and rotated. And there is also a confidence map to help troubleshoot any issues.

Download your free copy from our Resources tab above. Be sure to uninstall any version of Basler Pylon prior to installing Basler ToF.

Links for downloading recent versions are on the Resources tab.

Disabled resource link Release Notes 1.0.6 (txt)
Disabled resource link ToF Software for Windows (exe)
Disabled resource link ToF Software for x86 Linux 32-bit (tar.gz)
Disabled resource link ToF Software for x86 Linux 64-bit (tar.gz)
Disabled resource link ToF Software for Windows version 1.3.2 (exe)

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