Image shows a Kowa LM3NC1M


Kowa LM3NC1M

1/2" 3.5 mm MegaPixel Lens

Price: $497.00 each

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Wide-angle 3.5 mm lens
For megapixel cameras
Low distortion

The Kowa LM3NC1M wide-angle lens is appropriate for machine vision applications requiring a large field of view. Center resolution is 120 lp/mm, while corner resolution is 100 lp/mm.


Lens Mount: C-Mount
Length: 38.2 mm
Filter Thread: M40.5 x .5


Lens Type: General
Focal Length: 3.5 mm
Distortion: < 0.40 %
Center Resolving Power: 4.17 µm, 120 lp/mm
Corner Resolving Power: 5.00 µm, 100 lp/mm
Minimum Object Distance: 100 mm
F#: 2.4 - 14.0
Image Circle: 8.00 mm (1/2")

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