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Midwest Optical Filters

Blue Attenuation Filter, 40.5 mm Thread

Price: $80.00 each

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Attenuates blue light from white LED and metal halide lamps
Durable coating

This light-balancing filter attenuates blue light from typcal white LED and metal halide light sources. It delivers a more natural, balanced image, and is especially useful with color cameras. This filter passes wavelenths greater than 500 nm, absorbs UV and blue 200 - 500 nm, and attenuates 400 - 500 nm wavelenths.

This mounted filter screws in to the threads on the front of a matching lens. The filter coating is durable and non-hydroscopic. It withstands cleaning, heat, humidity and vibration.

Mounted filters screw into the threads on the front of a matching lens. Configure to select the appropriate thread. Unmounted filters and slip-mount filters are available on request.


Thread: M40.5 x .5
Aperture: 36.0 mm
Mount Material: Black anodized aluminum
Clear Aperture: 2.65 to 5.90 mm smaller than the thread size, depending on size
Outside Diameter: 1.15 to 4.8 mm greater than the thread size (with exception of C-mount thread which threads into camera neck)


Filter Type: Light Balancing
Surface Quality: 40/20 Scratch/Dig

The manufacturer warrants all components against defects in materials and workmanship for 24-months from the date of factory shipment. Liability under this warranty is limited solely to the Manufacturer’s option of replacing, repairing or issuing credit in the amount of the purchase price of such product.

Small quantities of filters we normally stock may be returned within 30 days of purchase, if in factory new condition and in their original packaging. A 30% restocking fee will apply. Special orders may not be cancelled, nor returned.

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