SWIR Days June 28-29

May 9, 2022

SWIR Days June 28-29

One of the most popular demonstrations at our 2021 Vision Days event was a short-wave infrared (“SWIR”) imaging system. Customers are now using SWIR imaging to reveal flaws, features and materials that cannot be captured by conventional vision systems.

Schedule your private visit to the Machine Vision Store lab to:

  • Learn about SWIR imaging technology
  • See how SWIR imaging can benefit your organization
  • Test your sample parts

We’ll have a complete SWIR imaging system set up in our lab.

  • CASK3001 camera capable of imaging SWIR, NIR, and visible light
  • LSKA244 lens for imaging SWIR, NIR and visible light
  • LED lights in a variety of wavelengths (SWIR, NIR, and visible)
  • Bandpass interference filters for a variety of common SWIR wavelengths.
  • Matrox Design Assistant, Matrox Imaging Library, and Simplimax software

There will also be opportunities to see other new imaging technologies.

Contact us to schedule your private visit for June 28th or 29th.


Chroma filters


Bandpass Filters
Kowa lenses


Leimac machine vision lights


Machine Vision Lights
Matrox Imaging


Grabbers, Processors, Software
SVS Vistek cameras


High-Resolution Cameras

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