Aptina 10 MP Killer

October 6, 2017

Aptina 10 MP Killer

Have you been buying cameras with the Aptina MT9J003 10 megapixel sensor? Then consider these new Basler cameras with the Sony Starvis IMX226 sensor. They deliver greatly improved image performance, at a lower price.

The Basler acA3800-14 cameras have been popular for many years. Their 10 megapixel images were a great value for those installations where resolution was key to success.

Now Sony raised the bar with new technology. Leveraging their new IMX226 sensor, Basler delivers greatly improved image quality, more resolution, and larger pixels, at a reduced price.

The new Basler acA4024-8gm, acA4024-8gc, acA4024-29um, and acA4024-29uc cameras are especially well-suited to installations requiring high resolution, dynamic range, and quantum efficiency. Examples include aerial imaging, traffic monitoring, and flaw inspection.

Compare the cameras below. The frame rate of the new GigE version is lower, due to bandwidth limitations associated with the higher resolution images. In all other ways, the new cameras are a huge improvement. Consider changing to the new models as they become available fall of 2017.

Sensor:Aptina MT9J003Sony IMX226
Interface: GigE Vision USB3 Vision GigE Vision USB3 Vision
Resolution: 3856 x 2764 (10.6 MP) 4024 x 3036 (12.2 MP)
Frames per Second: 10 14 8 31
Pixel Size: 1.67µm 1.85µm
Format: 7.92 mm (1/2.3”) 9.41 mm
Quantum Efficiency: 46.0 % 80.0 %
Dark Noise: 5.6 e- 5.1 e- 3.2 e- 3.2 e-
Saturation Capacity: 2.8 ke- 2.0 ke- 11.0 ke- 11.0 ke-
Dynamic Range: 54.0 dB 51.9 dB 71.0 dB 71.0 dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 34.4 dB 32.9 dB 40.4 dB 40.4 dB
Mono Model: CABR117 CABR127 CABR178 CABR144
Color Model: CABR216 CABR227 CABR278 CABR244

Performance data per EMVA 1288 test methods performed on monochrome cameras.

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