Order Now for 2022

November 18, 2021

Order Now for 2022

Challenging Times

Our partner suppliers continue to find it difficult to source the semiconductors needed to build their products. Lead times remain longer than ever before.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger told Yahoo Finance that “…we expect the shortage to persist into 2023. It just takes that long to build capacity.” But CPUs are not the only problem. Perhaps more important to the machine vision industry is the shortage of FPGAs, GPUs and image sensors. Procurement remains challenging.

Getting Your Fair Share

Let’s make sure your company receives machine vision components when they are needed, not months later. We recommend scheduling your 2022 deliveries now, before year end.

  • Place a blanket order with scheduled delivery dates
  • Receive quantity and kit discounts
  • Lock-in current prices
  • Ensure adequate supply

The days of waiting to order parts until they are needed are over. Large volume buyers of cameras, frame grabbers, vision processors, lenses and cables have already made bold moves to protect their supply in 2022. Don’t get caught without.

Contact us today for a quote on your 2022 supply.

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