Free Video Recording Software

October 25, 2017

Free Video Recording Software

Looking for free video recording software to capture either high-speed video or time-lapse images? Want easy camera setup without being buried in hundreds of mysterious parameters? Here you go.

Basler Video Recording Software makes recording videos easy. Connect any Basler USB 3.0 camera, configure the recording options, and then click the record button. It couldn't be any easier.

As a high-speed video solution, the software can display and record images as fast as the camera and computer allow. For example, common hardware configurations enable rates of 500 to 750 images per second. You can use a camera's electrical input to record a frame each time an event occurs. Be sure to ask us for hardware recommendations that will maximize image bandwidth. For short exposure times that freeze the action, you’ll also need a bright light.

Basler Video Recording Software can also capture time-lapse video. Record still images on a timed basis, or use a camera's electrical input to image events. Monitor laboratory experiments. Record video of buildings or garages to document access or traffic levels. The possible uses are endless.

Learn more and download Basler Video Recording Software here.

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