New 5 MP Aptina Killer

June 23, 2020

New 5 MP Aptina Killer

The Basler ace acA2500-14gm five megapixel camera has been one of Basler’s most popular models for many years. The acA2500-14gm monochrome GigE camera, acA2500-14gc color GigE camera, acA2500-25um monochrome USB camera, and acA2500-25uc color USB camera have long offered the most pixels for the price. All are built on the Aptina MT9P031 sensor. They have been Basler’s best option when five megapixel resolution was needed, and price was more important than image quality. Well, that’s about to change.

Basler is introducing eight new cameras built on the new Sony IMX334 sensor. Compare these cameras to those with the Aptina sensor, and we think you’ll be impressed. The a2A2590-22gm, a2A2590-22gc, acA2590-60um, and acA2590-60uc offer far superior image quality, yet still cost far less than the older models.

These new cameras are implementations of the Basler ace2 platform, which can be ordered with either “Basic” or “Pro” features. The Basic version offers the firmware capabilities most installations require, while the Pro version goes beyond that to deliver greater flexibility and performance. Both versions feature a status LED on the back, a removable IR cut filter, and a robust M8 I/O connector.

Need more than 5 MP? For not much more money, we offer the a2A3840 8 MP cameras.

Now is a good time to refresh your designs to implement this new sensor technology, and to reduce your costs.

Sensor:Aptina MT9P031Sony IMX334
Interface: GigE Vision USB3 Vision GigE Vision USB3 Vision
Resolution: 2592 x 1944 (5 MP) 2592 x 1944 (5 MP)
Frames per Second: 14 14 22* 60*
Pixel Size: 2.2 µm 2.0 µm
Format: 7.13 mm 6.48 mm
Quantum Efficiency: 53.0 % 72.6 %
Dark Noise: 6.0 e- 2.0 e-
Saturation Capacity: 6.4 ke- 10.4 ke-
Dynamic Range: 60.6 dB 69.5 dB
Basic Mono Model: acA2500-14gm acA2500-14um a2A2590-22gmBAS a2A2590-60umBAS
Basic Color Model: acA2500-14gc acA2500-14uc a2A2590-22gcBAS a2A2590-60ucBAS
Pro Mono Model: a2A2590-22gmPRO a2A2590-60umPRO
Pro Color Model: a2A2590-22gcPRO a2A2590-60ucPRO

Performance data per EMVA 1288 test methods performed on monochrome cameras.

* Higher frame rates can be achieved in the Pro models via image compression.

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