Basler Cameras Available Now

August 14, 2017

Basler Cameras Available Now

We hope you didn’t notice, but Basler has had some long lead times. The company has seen record demand for their cameras this year. Incoming orders exceeded 100 million Euros in the first six months of 2017, up 100% over last year. We’re not surprised that customers are finding a lot to like about Basler and their products.

There have been growing pains. Production capacity couldn’t keep up with demand and, starting in January, we saw factory lead times increasing. By spring, lead times were painfully long. We were inundated with calls from unfamiliar companies in dire need of cameras, and our own inventory quickly diminished.

During this period, we worked hard to meet the needs of our regular customers. Yes, some new customers found us out of necessity, and we appreciate that. But we’ve quietly kept our eyes on serving those customers that have been with us for years. If that describes your company, it was our goal to keep you from having to become aware of the unusual factory situation. We did this, when possible, by more aggressively bringing in inventory in anticipation of your specific needs.

To those new customers that just discovered Machine Vision Store, we hope you see the value in partnering with a company that stocks Basler cameras and accessories. There are many places that sell Basler, but only a few that keep substantial inventory.

Basler factory lead times are still longer than usual – three to seven weeks, depending on model. We encourage you to plan ahead. But if you’re in a pinch, we’re here for you. We have 67 Basler cameras in stock right now.

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