New Basler Ace 2

February 29, 2020

New Basler Ace 2

The Ace 2 from Basler is the next generation of the popular Ace camera line. Built on the latest CMOS sensor technology from Sony, the Basler Ace 2 is available in "Basic" and "Pro" versions. The “Basic” version delivers all the features you would expect from a modern camera, at very affordable prices. The "Pro" version delivers additional value through advanced on-camera algorithms. These include:

  • Compression Beyond lossless image compression enables higher frame rates from Ethernet cameras.
  • Pixel Beyond lets you scale the effective pixel size. This can be useful for reducing necessary image processing bandwidth. Furthermore, customers can simplify camera replacement by ensuring each of the new camera’s pixels map to the same world resolution as the old.
  • PGI image enhancement for 5x5 debayering, color anti-aliasing, denoising and sharpness.

All Ace 2 cameras have a new 6-pin M8 I/O connector and status LED. The IR filter is removable.

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