Image shows a Opto Engineering FTBP635TC


Telecentric Red (635 nm) Filter Kit

Opto Engineering FTBP635TC

$209.00 each

Available in North America.

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Passes only red light to the camera
Compatible with most of our C-mount telecentrics

A filter is used to control the frequency of light that enters a camera. With conventional lenses, filters are typically mounted at the object end of the lens. However, with telecentric lenses, the typical approach would be rather expensive because of the lens’s large diameter. This filter kit mounts the filter between the lens and the camera, thus keeping the filter small and the cost reasonable.

This filter kit is compatible with our C-mount Opto Engineering telecentrics designed for 1/2 and 2/3 size sensors. Since inserting the filter will increase the back focal length of the lens, a spacer (included in the kit) is used to tune the lens back to its nominal working distance.


Thread: 1-32 UN 2A
Aperture: 17.5 mm


Filter Type: Color Bandpass
Wavelength: 635 nm