Image shows a Schneider Optics Pyrite 25-1097785


Schneider Optics Pyrite 25-1097785

Macro 80 mm f5.6 V38-mount

Price: $1,341.00 each

Not available for purchase outside of United States.

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Macro for imaging objects near the camera
Excellent optical performance with large sensors
Insensitive to vibration for stable optical performance
Infinitely adjustable aperture

Unlike conventional camera lenses where the optical performance decreases as the magnification increases, this Schneider-Kreuznach macro lens was designed specifically for magnification in the range of 4X to .25X. Its mechanical stability and the robust V-mount interface enable simpler adjustment of the best azimuth position. The system is exceptionally well suited to demanding, continuous industrial use.

The aperture is infinitely adjustable. Both the aperture and focus (sold separately) lock solid.

This lens is a direct replacement for the 25-1070160. Optical performance is identical, but the new model has f/number values marked on the barrel.

We can easily adapt this lens for use with nearly any mount. Contact us for details.


Lens Mount: V-38
Length: 47.1 mm
Filter Thread: M37 x .75


Lens Type: General
Focal Length: 80 mm
Minimum Object Distance: 98 mm
F#: 5.6 - 45.0
Image Circle: 100.00 mm
Recommended mag. range: -2 to -0.5


Storage Temperature: -25 to +70°C

Lens has V-mount, but nearly all mount types (F, M42, etc) are available at additional cost. 138 mm minimum object distance assumes 1x magnification, and varies with mount configuration.

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