Bi-Telecentric Lens .380X for Very Large Sensors

Opto Engineering TC16M Series

$ 5,290.00 each

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Designed for 35 mm and large format linescan sensors
Telecentric in both object and image space for maximum precision
Simple robust industrial design
Each lens is factory tested and delivered with the test report

Telecentric lenses are the key component of accurate machine vision measurement systems. Unlike conventional lenses, optical magnification remains constant within the field of view and depth of field. This is especially important on the manufacturing floor, where part fixtures and camera triggers are seldom 100% repeatable.

This telecentric lens has been carefully designed for 35 mm (up to 36 mm x 24 mm) and large format linescan (up to 40.96 mm) camera sensors. The lens is telecentric on both ends, hence the term “bi-telecentric”. With lenses only telecentric in object space, a small dot of light grows larger and becomes elliptical as it moves from the image sensor’s center towards its edge. This bi-telecentric lens keeps the principal rays parallel not only when entering but also when exiting the lens. The result is greater image precision.

Compatible even with the largest format image sensors, this lens features extremely low distortion and high resolution.

The working distance (measured between the front of the lens and your object) should be kept within +/- 3% of the nominal value shown below for maximum resolution and minimum distortion. The f-number shown below is the “working” or “real” f-number of the lens when used as a macro.

Please contact us if you need a lens having a smaller aperture or a different mount.


Lens Type: Telecentric
Magnification: 0.380
Distortion: < 0.07 %
Depth of Field: 9.00 mm
Telecentricity: < 0.06 degrees
Working Distance: 263.0 mm
F#: 16.0
Lens Mount: F-Mount
Image Circle: 43.30 mm
Length: 481.2 mm

For the sharpest image near the borders, keep the object within half the specified depth of field. The length is measured from the lens's front to its flange. Designed for 35 mm (36 mm x 24 mm) and large format linescan (up to 40.96 mm) camera sensors. Distortion is typically < 0.07%, and is guaranteed not to exceed 0.15%. Telecentricity is typically < 0.06%, and is guaranteed not to exceed 0.08%.

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