Image shows a Sony ICX692AQA


Sony ICX692AQA

1280 x 720 1/3 Color CCD

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EXview HAD CCD II Technology
Improved sensitivity and dynamic range
Primary color bayer filter

The ICX692AQA progressive scan CCD is capable of rendering 720p HD output at 30fps. A number of technologies used in developing the new 4.08um-pixel based ICX692AQA have led to significant improvements over the older 3.75um Sony product, the ICX445AQA. The sensitivity is now 2.1 times (+6.5 dB), saturation signal level (dynamic range) is 1.86 times (+5.4 dB) and smear characteristics have improved by 6 dB compared to the older products.

The vertical register, the readout gate and channel stop regions have been optimized to raise the saturation signal level. These changes have maximized the sensor area that accumulates electric charges produced by photoelectric conversion raising saturation signal level by 1.86 times (+5.4 dB) over the current Sony products. Also, advances in fine fabrication technology have enabled changes in electrode wiring structure that lower the layer of the on-chip microlenses and improve light collecting efficiency. And "photo shielding film" reduces glare from light reflections.

When the lens diaphragm is opened up and a lower f-number is used, it controls the reduction in light collecting efficiency caused by changes in light incident angle.

Also, use of "EXview HAD CCD II" technology has improved high sensitivity in the near infrared light region. In addition, reducing the thickness of the oxide film below the "photo shielding film" has successfully diminished contamination of signals by smearing in the vertical register and raised smear characteristics to -110 dB.


Pixel Size: 4.08 µm


Sensor Resolution: 1280 (h) x 720 (v) pixels
Pixel Size: 4.08 µm
Sensor Size: 5.99 mm (1/3")
Sensor Active Area: 5.2224 (h) x 2.9376 (v) mm
Technology: CCD Color Progressive Scan

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