Image shows a Basler 2000033272


M42 x 0.75 - mount Adapter

Basler 2000033272

$39.00 each

Available in North America.

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Enables use of M42 x 0.75 - mount lenses with Racer, Beat and Boost cameras
Recommended for Racer models having 4K or more pixels.

This adapter enables use of M42 x 0.75 - mount lenses with Basler Racer, Beat and Boost cameras. Recommended for use with the Racer 4K and larger models. (M42-mount lenses can be used with 2K models, but you'll find that C-mount lenses cost less.)

Extends path by 7 mm, so racer and beat will have 16 mm total flange-back distance. (Measured lens flange to sensor.)