Image shows a Awaiba Dragster DR-8k-3.5


Awaiba Dragster DR-8k-3.5

8192 x 1 CMOS Sensor

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8192 pixels
56% QE
3.5 x 3.5 micron pixels

The Dragster series of digital line scan sensors remains unequaled in sensitivity, bandwidth, and SNR. This sensor features a 100% fill factor and a 56% quantum efficiency at 630 nm.

The Dragster series is the most complete digital line scan sensor family available on the market. All sensors share the same electrical interface and are mainly pin compatible with each other. The Dragster sensors are highly scalable which make them ideal for various applications. In addition, they can easily be integrated in standard cameras or image processing boards.


Sensor Resolution: 8192 (h) x 1 (v) pixels
Pixel Size: 3.50 µm
Sensor Size: 28.67 mm (1.75")
Sensor Active Area: 28.6720 (h) x 0.0035 (v) mm
Technology: CMOS Monochrome Progressive Scan

Cameras that include this sensor:

CABR313 8192 Pixel 13 KHz Linescan GigE Camera
CABR363 8192 Pixel 80 KHz Linescan CL Camera