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Handheld Controller for HD Camera

This item has been discontinued. Please contact us for substitutes.
Enables configuration of CASA200, CASA201 and CASA202 cameras
Adjust shutter, gain, gamma, white balance, cross-hair and more
Load and save 28 different configurations

This handheld controller enables easy configuration of the CASA200, CASA201 and CASA202 HDMI cameras. Connect this controller and a monitor to the camera, then navigate the on-screen menu to view and adjust settings.

The controller accesses 28 different configurations in the camera’s EEPROM. Each configuration has settings for gain, shutter, gamma, contrast, sharpness, mirror, frame-per-second, white balance, and graphic overlay. The overlay can include one horizontal line and one vertical line of any color and thickness. Combine the lines to display a crosshair to assist users with guidance and inspection tasks.

If you need access to advanced camera settings, consider the PC software CASA901.

Includes 1.6 meter cable.