Image shows a Sony ICX409AL


Sony ICX409AL

752 x 582 1/3 Monochrome CCD

This item is displayed for reference only, and is not for sale.
Interlaced Scan
High sensitivity
Low smear
High S/N

This Sony CCD sensor has an electronic shutter with variable charge-storage time. The interlaced scan may not be appropriate for imaging high-speed objects. Pixels are large, but not square: 6.5 micron by 6.25 micron.


Sensor Resolution: 752 (h) x 582 (v) pixels
Pixel Size: 6.50 h x 6.25 v µm
Sensor Size: 6.09 mm
Sensor Active Area: 4.8880 (h) x 3.6375 (v) mm
Technology: CCD Monochrome Interlaced Scan

Cameras that include this sensor:

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