Image shows a Basler Ace acA2000-340kc


2048 x 1088 Color CMOS CL Camera

Basler Ace acA2000-340kc

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CMOSIS CMV2000 color sensor
2048 x 1088 pixels at 340 frames per second
Camera Link Base, Medium or Full
Compact 43.5 x 29 x 29 mm housing
Power over Camera Link(PoCL) support

Built on the CMV2000 sensor from CMOSIS, you'll appreciate the image quality. This camera delivers up to 340 full frames per second.

The Basler ace provides a full set of features to address a wide range of applications. You may adjust the camera’s black level, gain, and area of interest. Up to eight areas of interest may be "stacked" and output as a single image. There is support for pixel binning, mirroring, test images and a luminance lookup table. Parameters may be sequenced for fast on-the-fly changes. The camera can automatically set gain, exposure and white balance, either once or continuously, based on the intensity of pixels in an image area of your choosing.

This camera interfaces with Base, Medium and Full CameraLink frame grabbers. It supports Power over Camera Link (“PoCL”), eliminating the need for a separate power supply and an additional cable. Or, the camera may be powered via its auxiliary connector.

The auxiliary connector is provided for terminating the general purpose input or output signal. Configured as an input, it can trigger image acquisition.

Because the Basler ace camera uses the same 29 x 29 mm footprint that has been standard on analog cameras for many years, replacement of analog cameras is easy.


Sensor Resolution: 2048 (h) x 1088 (v) pixels
Sensor Size: 12.75 mm
Sensor Model: CMOSIS CMV2000-2E5C1PP
Shutter Type: Global
Frame Rate (full resolution): 340 frames/second
Quantum Efficiency: 67.5 %
Dark Noise: 13.9 e-
Saturation Capacity: 9.3 ke-
Dynamic Range: 56.5 dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 39.7 dB
Test Method: EMVA 1288 for Mono
Lens Mount: C-Mount
Data Interface: Camera Link


Camera Link SDR/HDR Receptacle (Female) Qty 2
Binder M5 4-Pin Receptacle (Female) Qty 1

This camera's sensor measures 12.75 mm diagonal. If you use the full sensor, some vignetting may be visible when combined with a 2/3 size (11 mm) lens. We recommend our LSKA22_ lenses for most installations.

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