Image shows a Spectrum Illumination


Light Controller, 350 mA with Intensity Input

Spectrum Illumination

$300.00 each

Available Worldwide.

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DIN rail mount
Standard 24 VDC power
0 - 10 VDC light intensity input

Light controllers regulate the current used by an LED light. Without a controller, light output would vary dramatically, and the LEDs wouldn’t last long.

This light controller has a 0 – 10 VDC input that allows external devices to control light intensity. Zero volts yields about 10% intensity; Ten volts yields full intensity.

This light controller is compatible with certain Spectrum Illumination high-flux Monster LED lights. We normally ship a standard controller (without the analog input) with each Monster light your purchase. For a small additional charge, we will substitute this controller with the analog input. The price shown above only applies when purchasing a controller separate from the light.

To extend the life of your LED light, we recommend strobing. This controller has both PNP and NPN strobe inputs. To enable the light, either connect the NPN strobe input to ground, or connect the PNP strobe input to 5 – 24 VDC. Your light will turn on within 3 microseconds of the strobe signal, and will remain on for the duration of the signal. For best results we recommend using your camera to trigger light controllers, rather than the device that triggers your camera. For example, with our Ace cameras, you can use the “Flash Window Signal” output to trigger this light controller.

We also offer a version of this controller with a potentiometer to control light intensity. If you need greater control of the strobe on-delay, duration, or number of flashes, use the Monster Brain Controller in conjunction with this item. (See links below.)


Output Channels: 1
Control Interfaces: Analog
Control Method: Current Control

Power: 500 mA @ 24 VDC