Image shows a Spectrum Illumination


1" x 8" Red LED Light

Spectrum Illumination

$600.00 each

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Bright, even illumination
Built-in strobe controller
3 year limited warranty

This quality linear array is used for either bright field or dark field illumination. It has 10 LEDs per square inch so that it produces bright, even illumination appropriate for shorter working distances.

Built by Spectrum Illumination using modular board technology, the array size can be factory customized for your needs. Custom sizes are available in 1” by 4” increments.

This light features a built-in strobe controller, and may be connected directly to 24 VDC power. A 4-meter cable is included.

Please contact us if you're interested in a custom size, a different window material, or a longer cable.


Type: Linear Array
Wavelength: 630 nm (Red)
Window: Standard Diffuser Window options: White diffuser, thin film diffuser, or polarizer.
Window Width: 203 mm (8.0")
Window Height: 25 mm (1.0")
Optics: N/A
Power: 296 mA max @ 24 VDC
Strobe: +5 to +24 VDC enables light
Cable Length: 4.0 m (13.1 ft) Optional cable lengths: 8, 15, or 30 meters