Image shows a Spectrum Illumination E-Series

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Spectrum Illumination E-Series

180mm Multi-Color Dome Light

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Multiple independent colors
Includes controllers and quick-disconnect cable
6 year limited warranty

Capture images using up to four colors from one light! Choose from UV, blue, green, red, two NIR wavelengths and three white color temperatures. Operate each color independently, or simultaneously. A controller is included for each color channel. Wire for strobe or continuous operation.

Named for their shape, “dome” lights excel at delivering diffuse light in larger fields of view. The molded fiberglass hemisphere reflects light onto your part from many angles. Shiny and irregular objects can be imaged free of shadows and hot spots.

When imaging mirror-like surfaces, we suggest combining this light with one of our diffuse axial lights. Mount our diffuse axial light between the dome’s view port and a camera lens for optimal results.

Our price includes a light controller, a quick-disconnect connector, and a 4 meter cable as standard. The compact controller may be mounted on a DIN rail, and uses 24 VDC power. It has both PNP and NPN strobe inputs with a 3 microsecond response. As an option we offer controllers with a potentiometer, or analog input, to control light intensity. (Never connect this light directly to power.)

Price varies with the number of color channels. Please contact us if you’re interested in various controller options, a longer cable, or a high-flex cable.


Power: 1.0 A @ 24 VDC
Strobe: NPN (GND to enable) or PNP (24 VDC to enable)


Window: Clear
Window Size: 180 x 180 mm (7.1" x 7.1")


Optics: N/A


Type: Dome
Color: White


Cable Length: 4.0 m (13.1 ft)
Cable Options: Optional 8, 15 and 30 meter standard cables; 4, 8, 15 and 30 meter high-flex cables.

LED choices include 395 nm, 475 nm, 530 nm, 625 nm, 850 nm, 940 nm, pure white, natural white, and warm white.