Image shows a Spectrum Illumination Monster


4" x 8" Green HB LED Backlight

Spectrum Illumination Monster

$2,200.00 each

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4" x 8" green backlight
5 – 10 times brighter than standard LED lights
Includes controller and cable
3 year limited warranty

This backlight creates high-contrast silhouettes in high-speed applications. Part of the Monster Series manufactured by Spectrum Illumination, it is 5 – 10 times brighter than standard LED lights. Because of its intensity, it has been successfully used as a diffuse front light in many applications. Examples include high-speed bottling and canning operations.

This light uses a specially designed optic over each LED that disperses the light evenly. When viewing the light without the diffuser, the individual LEDs actually appear brighter when viewed from an angle than when viewed from the front. The result is an even light, free of hot spots.

This light includes a light controller, a medium white diffuser, a quick-disconnect connector, and a 4 meter cable as standard. The compact controller may be mounted on a DIN rail, and uses 24 VDC power. It has both PNP and NPN strobe inputs with a 3 microsecond response. As an option we offer controllers with a potentiometer, or analog input, to control light intensity. (Never connect this light directly to power.)

Please contact us if you’re interested in controller options, a different diffuser material, a longer cable, a high-flex cable, or a custom light size.


Type: Backlight
Wavelength: 530 nm (Green)
Window: White Diffuser Optional diffusers: Clear cover, thin film diffuser, or linear polarizer.
Window Width: 203 mm (8.0")
Window Height: 102 mm (4.0")
Power: 3000 mA max @ 24 VDC
Strobe: NPN (Gnd to enable) or PNP (< 1 VDC to disable, 3 - 24 VDC to enable)
Cable Length: 4.0 m (13.1 ft) Optional cable lengths: 8, 15, or 30 meters, or 4, 8, 15 or 30 meter high-flex cable