Image shows a Leimac IDGC-50M2


Leimac IDGC-50M2

Light Controller, 2 PWM Channels, 50 W

2-channel light controller
50 watt supply
100 - 240 VAC input voltage
Choice of control interfaces

The Leimac IDGC-50M2 light controller is compatible with most constant voltage lights. It can deliver a total of 50 watts across its 2 output channels.

The IDGC light controllers are available in a large number of different configurations. We offer an appropriate controller for each installation, powering up to 8 independent channels with up to 150 watts.

Most models may be configured to have either an Ethernet, RS232, or combined 8-bit parallel / 0 - 5 VDC analog interface.

This controller has one high-speed input per channel that enables precision strobe control.

(The photo shown above is generally representative of the product family. Please refer to the drawing for dimensions and connectors.)



Output Channels: 2
Control Interfaces: Manual, Ethernet TCP/IP
Control Method: Voltage Control, PWM
Input Voltage: 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage: 12 VDC or 24 VDC, depending on model
Output Power: 50 W Total
Output Channels: 2
PWM Frequency: ~125 kHz (256 levels)
Variable Delay Range: 1 μs intervals between 0 and 9000 μs. (Add to electrical input response time.)
Variable Output "On" Range: Output can be triggered to remain "on" for 0.1 to 999.9 ms, in 0.1 ms intervals
Input Response: High Mode Off to On: < 60 μs; High Mode On to Off: < 10 μs Low Mode Off to On: < 10 μs Low Mode On to Off: < 60 μs
Auto MDI/MDIX: Standard (for Ethernet models)


Operating Temperature: 0 - 40°C
Operating Humidity: 20 - 70%, non-condensing


Programming Function: Up to 16 steps


Light Connectors: JST SMP-02V-BC (12 V) or JST SMP-03V-BC (24 V)
I/O Connector 1: Omron XG4A-2631
Power Connector: IEC 60320 C14 "PC type" receptacle
Ethernet Connector: RJ-45 (Ethernet models only)
RS232 Connector: Hirose HR10G-7R-4S73 (RS232 models only)


Conformance CE, UKCA, PSE

Choose an Output Voltage

12V 12 VDC
24V 24 VDC

Available with Ethernet interface only

TP Ethernet

Are you purchasing this with a light

NL Without a light
WL With a light

Not available for purchase outside of US & Canada.

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