Image shows a Sony IMX264MZR


Sony IMX264MZR

2448 x 2048 2/3 Polarsens Sensor

This item is displayed for reference only, and is not for sale.
Captures light polarization data
Detects 0, 45, 135 and 90 degree polarization
2/3" sensor offers 2448 x 2049 5 MP resolution

The unique Sony Polarsens IMX264MZR sensor detects the polarization of light. This sensor is based on the popular 2448 x 2049 pixel, 2/3” IMX264 CMOS sensor with 3.45 μm pixel size. A four-directional polarization filter using nano-wires is overlaid directly on top of the pixel array and beneath the micro lenses. This filter consists of repeated 2 x 2 patterns of grid polarizers with four different angles: 0, 45, 135 and 90 degrees. Each polarizer filters the incoming light so that only the polarization components perpendicular to the grid orientation can pass through and be detected by the underlying photo-diode. A four-direction polarization image can be captured in a single shot.


Sensor Resolution: 2448 (h) x 2049 (v) pixels
Pixel Size: 3.45 µm
Sensor Size: 11.01 mm (2/3")
Sensor Active Area: 8.4456 (h) x 7.0691 (v) mm
Technology: CMOS Monochrome Progressive Scan

Cameras that include this sensor:

CASK197 2448 x 2048 IMX264MZR USB3 Polarization Camera
CASK192 2448 x 2048 IMX264MZR GigE Polarization Camera