Image shows a Leimac IC-SC-M8-4623


Leimac IC-SC-M8-4623

ISC-24 Cable for Basler Ace2 series

Price: $150.00 each

Not available for purchase outside of North America.

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Simplifies wiring between camera, light and controller
Compatible with Basler Ace2 cameras and most Leimac 24V lights

This cable simplifies connecting the ISC-24 light controller to a Leimac 24V light and Basler Ace2 camera. This cable's M8 connector connects directly to the camera.

Since this cable uses the camera's I/O/P connector, the camera must be powered by PoE or USB.



Length: 0.3 m


Camera Connector: M8 6-pin male, A coded
Light Connector: JST SMP-03V-BC