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HD-BNC (micro-BNC) connector on both ends
Assorted standard lengths
Custom lengths available

This cable is ideal for connecting CoaXPress cameras to frame grabbers. It uses the HD-BNC (micro-BNC) connector on both ends. The HD-BNC connector is used with many newer CoaXPress products, such as SVS-Vistek CXP-12 (but not CXP-6) cameras, Basler Boost cameras, and the Matrox Rapixo frame grabber.

Twist the sleeve of the HD-BNC connector to connect or disconnect it. Note that HD-BNC connectors are fully compatible with micro-BNC connectors, and can be used interchangeably.

This cable is 100% sweep tested and ready for 12 Gbps (CXP-12) data transfer. The RG59 cable is thinner and more flexible than heavier RG6 cable. Please note the reduced bandwidth capability of longer cable lengths, as per the CoaXPress standard.


Length: 1 mm
Cable: Belden 4855R (12G)
RG Type: Mini RG59
Conductors: Solid 23 AWG silvered copper
Insulation: Gas-injected FHDPE
Outer Shield Material: Duofoil®


Connectors: 75 Ohm Micro HD BNC, male, x2

Choose a Length

001 1 ft $ 60.00
002 2 ft $ 62.00
003 3 ft $ 64.00
005 5 ft $ 69.00
010 10 ft $ 77.00
015 15 ft $ 90.00
025 25 ft $ 115.00
035 35 ft $ 136.00

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