Image shows a Gpixel GMAX3265-BVC


Gpixel GMAX3265-BVC

37.4 mm 65 MP Color CMOS Sensor

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65 MP
3.2 µm pixels
Global shutter

The GMAX3265 utilizes a 3.2 μm pixel to deliver 65 MP resolution and a dynamic range of up to 66 dB at 31 fps. In 10 bit mode, frame rates up to 71 fps are achieved while still delivering more than 60 dB of dynamic range. With this combination of resolution, dynamic range and speed, the sensor is an ideal solution for flat panel inspection.


Sensor Resolution: 9344 (h) x 7000 (v) pixels
Pixel Size: 3.20 µm
Sensor Size: 37.36 mm
Sensor Active Area: 29.9008 (h) x 22.4000 (v) mm
Technology: CMOS Color Progressive Scan

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