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Basler 2200000371

Opto Trigger 5 Board

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Compatible with Basler frame grabbers
Opto-coupled, 5 - 24 VDC
Individually adjust I/O with VisualApplets

The Basler Opto Trigger 5 Board provides access to a frame grabber's 8 inputs and 8 outputs. Multiple frame grabbers may be synchronized.

This board has sixteen optically-coupled, galvanically isolated signals for controlling cameras and peripheral devices. The inputs may be configured for single-ended or differential signals, in pull-up or pull-down mode. The outputs may be configured to invert, if preferred.

This board connects to imaWorx, microEnable IV, microEnable 5 marathon, and microEnable 5 ironman frame grabbers via the included 34-pin flat cable. Software license may be required to change the default behavior of each I/O point.


Supply Voltage: 4.5 - 28 VDC
Input Threshold: 20% of Supply Voltage
Differential Input Offset: 10 mV
Input Current: 4 mA per channel
Input Propagation Delay: 40 - 80 ns (60 ns typical)
Input Min. Pulse Width: 200 ns
Input Max. Frequency: 2.5 MHz (50% duty cycle)
Output Signal High: -0.3 VDC of Supply Voltage
Output Signal Low: 0.3 V
Output Current: 20 mA per channel
Output Propagation Delay: 40 - 80 ns (60 ns typical)
Output Min. Pulse Width: 200 ns
Output Max. Frequency: 2.5 MHz (50% duty cycle)


Encoder Support: 1 and 2 (quadrature) shaft encoders are supported.


Internal Connector: 34-pin box connector (cable included)
External I/O Connectors: 2 x DB15 female
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